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Ad Monetization Technology

We help publishers unlock the full ad revenue potential of their websites and apps. Our header bidding solution ensures that every single ad impression is sold for the highest price possible.



Header Bidding

Our platform combines server- and client-side header bidding integration with Google Exchange Bidding. Our unique price optimization engine achieves maximum demand pressure. We offer instant access to the world's leading SSPs with exceptional conditions. Our solution seamlessly integrates with your ad server and allows you to plug your own exchange accounts.

1  ylhb.que.push(function(){
2  var adUnits = [ {
3  code: 'div-gpt-ad-1438287399331-0' ,
4  sizes: [[ 300, 250], [300, 600],
5  bidders: [
6  'appnexus', 'pubmatic',
7  'rubicon', 'indexExchange'],
8  params: {'cp': 560905, 'ct': 559772}
9  },
10  // Add other bidders here
11  ];
12  ylhb.requestBids({

Quality at Scale

Our Demand Partners

1  <script>
2  var yieldlove_site_id = "";
3  </script>
4  <script src='//'>
5  </script>

Easy Integration

Unified Platform

With a single script tag, you will get access to all header bidding partners and Yieldlove’s unique performance optimization engine. Our platform aggregates and consolidates the reporting data of all the demand partners. Through our user-friendly dashboard, publishers can monitor their ad inventory's performance with all relevent metrics in one place.

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What Makes Yieldlove Special

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Machine Learning

Unique Optimization

Our platform collects hundreds of data points from the auction of every single impression. We utilize this data with our real-time analysis models to predict and set optimal floor price rules across all ad exchanges. In doing so, we increase the bid pressure, resulting in the highest possible auction results and therefore superior CPMs.

1   log_prior = (self.biddist.log_prior()
2    + self.log_prior_p(self.p)
3    + self.log_prior_r(self.r))
4  if cutoff is None:
5    res = self.dc_revenue_rr_sequence(prices)
6    pricedict = dict(zip(prices, zip(*res)))
7  else:
8    lco = -1
9    pricedict = dict()
10  for price, co in prices:
11    if co != lco:
12    self.biddist.set_cutoff(co)
1  dealID = 48725;
2  advertiser = {name: 'Best Beverage INC.',
3  DSP = 'MediaMath';
4  CPM = 8;
5  target = {
6    gender: 'male',
7    age: '20-55',
8    interest: ['cars', 'football', 'beer']}
9  platform = 'PubMatic';

Automated direct sales

Programmatic Direct

Through our multi-exchange platform architecture, the ad inventory is connected to all major ad exchanges. Therefore, directs deals, preferred deals and private marketplaces can be executed on the exchange of the buyer's choice, resulting in additional business opportunites.


Ad Quality

Our platform ensures that blacklists are adhered to across all demand partners. We monitor the delivered campaigns to protect our publisher brands and their users. If an unwanted campaign still comes through, we make sure that it is excluded promptly.

Ad Consulting

Benefit from the perfect integration of one of the most advanced holistic ad serving systems, DFP. Setup, campaign management and reporting – our experts provide support at any stage or can manage your complete ad operations in full.

24/7 Support

One of our account managers is always available to provide assistance - from the ideal placement of ad spaces to the development of a comprehensive ad sales strategy.

Just give us a call at +49 40 526 40 667
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