Empowering Publishers

We are an award-winning European market leader for ad monetization.

We empower publishers to enhance their ad stack and maximize revenue
across Display, AMP and In-App.

Benefit from...

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Superior Tech

Cutting edge technology that is constantly updated, improved and customized with solutions for Display, AMP and In-App.
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Superior Demand

Instant access to all leading demand partners at special rates plus exclusive access to Europe’s largest private marketplace.
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Superior Insights

Outstanding data transparency from our Business Intelligence tool delivers actionable, holistic insights.

We bring the most advanced and complete ad stack to your site and app

Our set-up combines all relevant third parties with our best in class proprietary technology.

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Receive access to the world leading ad exchanges with unique premium demand and lower fees

Benefit from exclusive access to Ströer SSP, the largest Private Marketplace in Europe.

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Our Business Intelligence & Control Center delivers actionable insights and control crucial for your business strategy

Storing real-time data from every single auction, our software gives you unprecedented data access and is incredibly easy to use through its web-based user interface.

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Effortless Integration

Whether it is with a single line of Java Script on Web, via RTC on AMP or SDK for In-App – integrating our solutions requires only a minimum of your resources and time.
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24/7 Support

We support you in all aspects connected to ad monetization - from the ideal placement of ads to your campaign management and handling of the deal business.
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Legal Guidance

As an IAB authorized vendor we ensure compliance with the IAB standard and TCF 2.0 of the integrated demand partners and offer a state of the art CMP solution.
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Completely Modular Service

Choose from three service modules: full service, self-managed or allow us to tailor a custom solution for your specific needs.
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Free Trial Without Delay

Our free trial can be integrated with minimal use of your resources. For display and AMP you can benefit from our tech within less than an hour.

Our publishing partners

What our partners say about us

"Replacing our time based ad reload with Yieldlove's Smart Reload, we saw an overall revenue increase by 40% on desktop and 25% on mobile inventory."

Yieldlove's Smart Reload refreshes each ad unit individually only when certain visibility and user activity conditions are met, resulting in:

  • Decrease of reload impressions by 30%
  • Increase of visibility and engagement rates and therefore CPM of 50%
  • Increase of fill rate from 70% to over 90%
“Yieldlove’s industry-leading technology and know-how have been crucial additions to our family. Their solutions have been an essential part in claiming a lead position in programmatic advertising.”

Since 2017 Yieldlove has been part of the Ströer Group, Europe’s largest premium ad sales house and publisher. Our yield management solutions have been rolled out across all of the group’s digital portfolio of over 1,500 digital platforms.

  • Increase of ad performance and page speed throughout the Ströer portfolio
  • Revenue increase in the triple-digit million Euro range
“Friendly, fast and responsive: Yieldlove does a great job – also for publishers like us with extremely high requirements regarding campaign quality and blocklisting.”

Yieldlove and taz can look back at a very successful partnership that began in 2015. Since early 2017 Yieldlove has been exclusively in charge of the monetization of the complete website ad inventory.

  • Long lasting partnership
  • Continuous consultation on best ad practices
  • Tailor-made solutions for the whole ad setup
“Even as a smaller publisher we wholeheartedly recommend working with Yieldlove. Their guidance during our AMP roll-out has been invaluable.”

Yieldlove has partnered with Fireword.at in June 2020 and encouraged the platform to embrace AMP and guided them to optimize their ad stack.

  • Technical support throughout the process
  • Significant increase of revenue
"Almost every day I receive emails from other programmatic advertising agencies around the globe, but none of them has ever won an A/B test against Yieldlove."

Yieldlove has been responsible for the monetization of Germany’s leading math learning platform since November 2016.

  • Round-the-clock technical support
  • Daily updated dashboard with API
  • Revenue increase by more than 40%

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