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How to improve your Core Web Vitals with PageSpeed Insights

Last year Google announced that, starting May 2021, it will add a new group of factors to its search ranking criteria called Core Web Vitals.

What are Core Web Vitals? They are three measurements that Google considers to be crucial for the overall user experience of a given website. Specifically:...

Ad insights

Unlock additional revenue with Anchor Ads

Anchor Ads (or Sticky Ads as they're also known as) are a great way to unlock additional ad revenue…

Company news

Welcome to a new

Hello and welcome to our new website! We couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to our home on…

Company news

We ranked among the fastest growing German startups once again!

Once a year the Gründerszene magazine, a German online magazine for digital economies, presents their…

Case studies

Google's unified first price auction update from a publisher's perspective

It’s been a while since Google introduced changes in its product, but the concerns surrounding unified…

Case studies

Google goes First-Price. What does it mean for you?

Google’s move to create unified, first-price auctions within Ad Manager may be one of the biggest…

The 6 Rules for Successful Multi-SSP Management

Header Bidding allows publishers to offer their ad inventory to multiple Supply Side Platforms (SSPs)…